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Before commencing regular lessons students need to own or have access to their chosen instrument as regular practice at home is essential for musical development. If you have not yet chosen an instrument and would like guidance before purchasing please feel free to contact us for advice. It may be possible to borrow one of our instruments for a trial lesson, please check when booking.


One-to-one piano lessons are offered from the age of 6 upwards , we use a range of different course books depending on the student. For the younger learner we use CD backing tracks with certain songs/books thus creating a fun environment whilst at the same time introducing playing with accompaniment. We have several experienced qualified teachers in this discipline, and all are happy to give advice and tailor your lessons to meet your own specific style whether it is classical or pop.

Keyboards & Organ

Structured to suit your ability to learn. If you choose to learn the keyboard, you have the option either to bring your own and receive guidance on its use, or to use one of the schools. With just one lesson a week and practice in your own home, you will be amazed how quickly you progress and play many well-known tunes! Keyboard lessons are offered either as one-to-one with the teacher or in small groups, the minimum age requirement for both is 6 years old. Group learning is very successful and many students’ progress to a high standard of playing, these lessons also offer excellent value being slightly cheaper in price.


Learning the flute is the natural progression from the recorder and the minimum age required for this next step varies depending on the student. For the younger students there is the option of a curved head flute which offers an easier reach to the lip plate while maintaining a comfortable position. Adult beginners or improvers are also welcome and all lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis. Duets with the teacher, playing with piano accompaniment and also the opportunity to perform with other students at the Perfect Notes concerts ensures the student becomes accustomed to listening whilst playing, a crucial skill for this orchestral instrument.


Violin lessons are offered from the age of 6 upwards as children can start on a smaller sized instrument. A trial can be arranged before purchasing an instrument as we can lend a violin for the lesson. Adults are most welcome as beginners or improvers and all lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis. Our violin teachers accompany students on the piano to help develop tuning and also the opportunity to play with other students at the Perfect Notes concerts ensures the student becomes accustomed to listening whilst playing, vital for this orchestral instrument.

Recorder (Descant & Treble)

For parents of younger children wishing to try a wind instrument, the descant recorder is ideal. Tuition is available on a one-to-one basis from the age of 6 years, and for the minimum outlay a child can experience professional tuition and discover whether they are ready for regular practice. With many of the finger positions principally the same as other woodwind instruments, such as the flute and saxophone, the recorder provides a good foundation for the younger student before they are able to cope with a larger instrument.

When smaller hands have grown or for adults wishing to learn, the Treble Recorder is a lovely sounding instrument. Using the same fingering in principle as the Descant Recorder, it has an extended range and a vast repertoire. Considered a serious instrument, exams are available up to Grade 8.


Our experienced guitar teacher is able to offer a variety of different styles of playing. These include electric through to classical and lessons will be tailored to suit the students’ particular requirements. For younger children wishing to learn there are half size instruments available in music shops, and of course adults are welcome as beginners or improvers. We have guitars at Perfect Notes for use in trial lessons so you can try before you commit. Lessons are taught either on a one-to-one basis or alternatively it is possible to arrange a group lesson for family and friends.

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